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Business Leadership

“The quality of your business leadership will rest on your ability to listen. As leaders we expect our teams to hear our vision, but it is equally if not more critical to hear others’ voices against that backdrop. Listening cannot be taken in per your convenience or the way ‘you’ want to hear something. Listening requires your whole attention and appreciation. You will be less blind-sided the more you listen since listening allows you to quiet your own mind and look into an expanded view of the issue at hand. A variety of perspectives can enhance your understanding of possible risks and potential growth.”

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Now the question is:

What is Business Leadership?

Leadership is a bridge, a connecting of minds, dreams, and talent. When you lead with being a bridge in mind, you are clear of your temporary stage on this earth. Your drive is to build and give it away. You lead without attachment, without greed or a need for validation. Your purpose is to be free in your building, as you cross it, and cross over prepared to hand over the torch to the next. You know something else is waiting across other shores which you may not travel during your lifetime. This truth is your essence. It is your connection to eternal force, eternal energy.

Business leadership demands perseverance. Nothing is handed to you in a manual with directions on how to function effectively or how to troubleshoot when you hit a wall. Surprises don’t announce or proclaim their arrival. They can set up as a roadblock and cause all your planning to go downhill. This is where you dig your heels, focus on the prize, build a rhythm in your pace, mark your stride to go forward and continue relentlessly until you have crossed the finish line. Preserving as you lead will take you miles ahead of the game and make you resilient beyond your imagination.

As a leader, it is critical to have awareness and understanding. Differences in culture, background, age, expertise are to be celebrated. Each of us wants to be appreciated and validated. To listen to our inner voice, to self-validate, and acknowledge self worth, takes time. As a body of people, we can all help each other through the process by respecting each difference and embracing each one’s individuality.

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Rani's Other Ventures

Worldwide Oilfield Machine


Rani Puranik is Co-Owner, Executive Vice President and Global CFO of Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) a vertically integrated, multinational oilfield equipment manufacturer specializing in custom solutions for the drilling, testing, production and intervention segments of the oil and gas industry.

Established in 1980 with headquarters in Houston, Texas, WOM group of companies employ 4,000+ employees in strategically located facilities around the world. As both a minority- and female-owned enterprise, this diverse workforce supports manufacturing plants, engineering centers, sales offices, and assembly and testing locations across 10 countries.

With deep roots in material science and forging enable a holistic approach to design and engineering—the equipment is WOM’s from concept and design to finished product.

WOM specializes in continual innovation in wellhead, BOP and valve technology for the upstream and midstream markets; working closely with customers to develop meaningful solutions to support their most challenging scenarios.

Visit WOM
The Puranik Foundation

Puranik Foundation

Puranik Foundation was built on 3 generations of women. From its start in 2000, these strong leaders have made Puranik Foundation what it is today. Mamaji, Rani, and Bhakti’s stories intertwine to create an organization that believes in providing educational opportunities that open minds, stimulate holistic perspectives and inspire transformation.

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NextGen Innovation Academy

We are a proposed tuition-free public charter school launching in 2024 in West Houston serving grades 6-12.

Our vision is for students and communities to recognize their purpose in supporting the sustainability of future generations through shared learning experiences in a rigorous STEM+M focused education, and appreciation for diversity, and community wisdom passed through generations through legacy and partnerships that will support our youth as they blossom into future leaders.

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