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Thank you for taking the Life Chapter quiz. Your results reveal where you are on your life’s journey, as well as several key insights for successfully navigating this stage, transitioning to the next and finding greater meaning along the way.

All of us are constantly evolving, with every moment, every new circumstance, and every new phase. With my new book, Seven Letters to My Daughters, I set out to pass down essential life lessons to my daughters and any other person seeking purpose and ways to overcome challenges based on wisdom acquired throughout seven key phases of my own life.

Now, I’d like to share some of this life-enhancing wisdom with you.

In this chapter of life, you're focused on: Love

Based on your answers, your greatest priority at the moment is creating, sharing and spreading love. Family is extremely important to you, and you likely define your own value not only by how you serve your family, but also by what your role is. Whether as a child, a sibling, a parent or a spouse, your worldview is influenced on how you interact with loved ones in your personal life. Cultivating friendships and romantic relationships is equally important to you, and you always make it a priority to spend quality time with family and friends alike.

Your essential wisdom:

As you continue through this phase and evolve into the next, here are some ways to enhance your capacity to share love and light in all you do.

  • Practice self-acceptance - Love is acceptance, and that includes accepting who you are! Be kind to yourself, without judgment—and, perhaps most importantly, stay true to yourself.
  • Listen well - When you listen, you give others the space to be heard and respected, opening a channel for healthy dialogue. But don’t stop there—listen for your own biases and emotions that might influence your interactions.
  • Strive for balance - When you love in balance, it is unwavering, patient and unshakeable. It is devoid of drama and stress. However, it also requires intention. To practice loving in balance so you can enjoy greater harmony, choose to stay in the center, fully available, fully present, without encroaching on others.

Remember: Each day holds the opportunity for growth and transformation when we choose love.

You can find even more insight on love in Chapter 5 of my book, Seven Letters to My Daughters, where I recount how I finally found the strength to love myself, nourish my mind and body, and live authentically.

In this chapter of life, you're focused on: Leadership

During this chapter of your story, you’re on a quest to grow professionally, increase your influence and accomplish big goals. You’re fully focused on your career and/or building your business, so you spend a majority of your time planning and putting in the work to stay on the trajectory you’ve set out for yourself. Other things in life, like your family or social engagements, may get put on the backburner for now—but for you it’s all about the hustle. As you take more responsibility and gain authority, be careful not to burn out or lose your perspective on what really matters.

Your essential wisdom:

As you continue through this phase and evolve into the next, here are three important traits that will help enhance your leadership impact and success.

  • Adaptability - As a leader, you won’t always have all the answers or even know which way to go. When this happens, give yourself the space to pause, take a breath and listen to the silence in between all the noise. This is where love lives—it will adapt with you to help you transition to the next step or decision.
  • Attentiveness - The quality of your leadership rests on your ability to listen with your whole attention. By truly hearing others and gathering a variety of perspectives, it will allow you to quiet your own mind, look into an expanded view of the issue at hand and gain a greater understanding of possible risks and potential growth.
  • Perseverance - When unexpected challenges threaten to throw your leadership journey off course, remember that success is a marathon, not a race. Breathe deeply, focus on your goals, build a rhythm in your pace and continue relentlessly until you have crossed the finish line. The ability to persevere despite obstacles will give you the resilience you need to build your legacy.

Remember: There is power in doing all that you can, when you can, and trusting the timing of things you can’t control.

You can find even more leadership insight in Chapter 6 of my book, Seven Letters to My Daughters, where I recount the many challenges I encountered on the road to successfully evolve into a business leader.

In this chapter of life, you're focused on: Legacy

You have an eye to the future and the longevity of your family, the lasting impact of your business and the betterment of your community for future generations. Everything you do is with your long-term goals in mind—not just a year or even 10 years from now, but the vision you have for your enduring influence many decades down the line. You know that, with every action you take and decision you make, you are slowly laying the foundation of a legacy that will outlast you.

Your essential wisdom:

As you continue through this phase and evolve into the next, here are three fundamental values to cultivate that will help build a lasting legacy:

  • Loyalty - Legacy builders know that loyalty is a choice. It’s choosing to have someone’s back. It’s intentionally choosing to stay where we are, even when we have other options. To build your legacy, be loyal to yourself, to your values, to the love within, and to the team you are serving.
  • Focus - When defining your path towards your legacy, stay true to yourself and don’t get distracted trying to prove something to others. Your mind is your place of creativity, your roadmap to success, so keep it engaged and focused to achieve your goals.
  • Love - Legacy means building a bridge from the temporary to the enduring, but the strength of your bridge depends on your ability to inspire action in your team, family and community to support a better future. Love connects, love combines, love cares—this is your guiding light and the start of your legacy.

Remember: Legacy is not built over one lifetime, but it does start from today.

You can find even more insight on building a legacy in Chapter 7 of my book, Seven Letters to My Daughters, where I share my father’s valuable thoughts on legacy as he prepared to hand over leadership of his company to me.

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