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The Importance Of Down Time For Leaders

Down time should not be viewed as a luxury afforded only by those at the top; instead it should be adopted by all levels of leadership in order for organizations to succeed in today's competitive environment.

Leaders, Downtime is not a luxury, but rather an essential for success. Taking a pause for a breath from regular work, and refreshing the spirit can foster powerful motivation for sustained growth in any endeavor. It enables the mind to strategize and make sound decisions, rather than getting weighed down by everyday tasks.

In times of stillness, we find the clarity to reflect and experience our greatest epiphanies. We open ourselves to new levels of understanding, allowing the opportunity to identify pathways for success, and new possibilities that we may never have considered before.

This type of reflection gives the opportunity to develop creative approaches to tackling difficult issues that may have previously been impossible or impractical to solve in the midst of regular operations. - what is working, what isn’t working, what are the current opportunities for improvement and growth.

Taking a break also allows us to step back and consider the “big picture”. By looking up from our computers, beyond our daily challenges, unread e-mails and to do lists, we open ourselves up to opportunities that would have otherwise been obscured from view. With big picture thinking, each step forward turns into two steps towards future prosperity.

For instance, Bill Gates famously takes time off twice a year in order to reflect deeply on his strategy and organizational objectives. By taking well-deserved breaks from his normal duties, he can think through complex matters with greater clarity than if he had stayed in “firefighting mode” all the time. On these occasions, he has used his downtime to look back at what is not working properly - such as when there might be too little delegation or an inability to see the whole picture - as well as examine successes and how they can be replicated or amplified within his organization.

Downtime should not be viewed as lost time away from work, but rather an invaluable tool in our arsenals. It’s a time for sharpening our leadership skills and growing as individuals, away from the high-pressure business environment. This enables us to come back with bright ideas for propelling the organization forward more efficiently than ever before. Navigating quintessential balance between work and rest will certainly help further expand one's character - both mentally and physically!